On april 20th, 2018 all Eletronic Dance Music world was shocked with the death of the Swedish DJ & Producer Avicii.

A lot of heartfelt messages were left by great DJs of the Dance Music world who wanted to give him a special farewell.

But who was Avicii or Tim Bergling?

Tim Bergling, commonly known as Avicii, was born in Sweden, more specifically in Stockholm, on September 8th, 1989. We didn’t have to wait too long to understand that Avicii was special, showing that he would of have a big future in the music industry.

His first remix was for “Lazy Jones“, a computer game for Commodore 64, the desktop that was produced for personal use in 1982. With this remix new doors were opened and Avicii released his first track under Strike Recordings.

Ever since, Avicii began to gain more and more exposure in his city’s clubs and showed that he wasn’t just another one in the world of the music. Out of curiosity, the name “Avicii” appeared because he created a profile on MySpace and, due to his name already being taken, he came up with the name “Avicii”. The name wasn’t chosen without a purpose, since it means “the lowest level of Buddhist hell”.

It wasn’t until 2010 that Avicii really stepped into the spotlight with the song “Seek Bromance”, which quickly climbed several world top charts and become great worldwide hit. But Avicii didn’t stop and the following year released the well known “Levels” that was created around a sample of “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” by the soul singer Etta James. The luck was on his side because in the following years after the release of the two singles, Dance Music was a success and became viral, which also helped with the success of these new songs.

Avicii began to rise to the stages of big festivals and one of them was the Ultra Music Festival’s Main Stage, in Miami, in the 2012’s edition, where Madonna was also on the stage. In Portugal, his debut was also in 2012 at Nova Era Beach Party. At the end of that year, he released a track with Nicky Romero, another great hit, “I Could Be The One“, which was another success in 2013 and was at the top of the charts in about 22 countries. One of the curiosities about this song, according to Billboard, was that the original version of the song had a part of the song “D.A.N.C.E“, by Justice, that in the final edition was eventually removed.

In the year 2013, Avicii released his first album entitled “True” and one of the greatest hits was the unforgettable “Wake Me Up” that broke all records once again and was one of the most heard songs in the world that year. Avicii risked everything because he put two distinct styles together, electronics and country, in a single song leaving most of the public with high expectations of how it would be. Also on that album was released “Hey Brother” with the voice of Dan Tyminski, which was also a worldwide success. That same year Avicii returned to Portugal to perform at Meo Sudoeste.

The Swedish producer didn’t stop there and, two years after the release of “True“, released another album denominated “Stories“. As a great start he released the single “Waiting For Love” — the song also featured the support of Martin Garrix and the vocals of Simon Aldred, from the band Cherry Ghost.

After the two albums of great success, in 2016 he announced that he would retire, which left all the fans and Electronic Music lovers devastated because Avicii ended up leaving a mark on a generation. Before he left, Avicii performed at Rock in Rio Lisboa, in Lisbon, to a big audience — around 250,000 people— that waited until the very end to watch his final big show.

When Avicii retired he said that he “needed to figure out what to do in my life. It all began to revolve around success for success. I couldn’t get any happiness out of it”. He said he wanted to stay away from Dance Music as much as he could and explore other musical styles. One of several reasons also that made him leave his career as a DJ was the excess of alcohol consumption that later led to and acute pancreatitis which caused the gallbladder and appendix to be removed.

Unfortunately we didn’t know if his return would be possible one day but we know he left an enviable legacy that we will never forget.

Let’s also be reminded that, back in 2011, Avicii founded the “House For Hunger” organisation, which fights hunger in Africa.




Rest In Peace.

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