After ‘Sex, Love and Water ft. Conrad Sewell, here it is the third Armin Van Buuren single of 2018 together with James Newman.

James Newman is a vocalist from London who have already releases some music on Armins’s Label, Armada Recordings, like ‘Coming Home’ with Arno Cost and ‘Daylight to midnight’ along with Night Safari. Recently he released ‘Head Up’ with the future house legend, Don Diablo.

Therapy’ sees Armin Van Buuren and James Newman put together every piece of that irresistible summer vibe. With amazing and smooth vocals, exotic lyrics and uplifting chords, it is a song that sticks in your head and one that will embellish the airwaves every time the sun starts shining.

The video clip of ‘Therapy’ is about a little story of Armin van Buuren himself around his high-school crush, whom he had once fallen in love with. Combined among the shimmering beauty of Moroccan city Marrakesh through innumerable breathtaking shots, it made for an amazing music video many fans will undoubtedly be able to relate to.

This music will definitely be a hit in many radios all over the world and makes us even more homesick for summer, despite being close!

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