The British Drum and Bass duo Delta Heavy made justice to their stage name with their brand new single “Gravity”.

After the release of their acclaimed debut album “Paradise Lost” back in early 2016, that was then considered one of the bass music’s best albums that year, which was filled with some really iconic tracks such as “Ghost” and “Punish My Love“, the album was then followed by a world tour with stops in cities like London and Amsterdam with their brand new custom stage, in arenas filled with Delta Heavy fans.

Being one of the most acclaimed groups in the UK´s Drum and Bass scene due to their always original sounds, their releases are repeatedly anticipated by the bass community.

And this new release is no different.

Called “Gravity“, this brand new sound takes you on a journey trough space and time. With the help of space-themed samples mixed with the traditional sounds associated with the DnB group, this song makes my mind travel into a new dimension, drifting away from this planet into some other place, away from all the problems. 2018 seems to take the sounds of Delta Heavy into a new, harder direction, that reminds me of some of their earlier sounds back in 2012. This track will get everybody on the dance floor bouncing, there´s no doubt about that.

Now listen to the track, and experience the Space vibes yourself.

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