Another week comes to a close, and as tradition demands it we have updated our Spotify playlist with this week’s releases.

This week was especially marked by the release of Bicep’s EP, accompanied by several tracks by artists such as Claptone (feat. Nathan Nicholson), MaRLo (feat Roxanne Emery), k?d, Ghastly & Barely Alive, KURA & Jimmy Clash , Brennan Heart (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn), and Retaliation.

In addition you will find many more fresh songs in our playlist.
Among them are tracks such as “I Need A Friend” by Sebjak and Matt Nash, “Save us” by Paris Blohm (feat. ENOK), a new Matroda EP, “404” by Hekler and Gladez, Sullivan King‘s “Step Back”, among many others!

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