The boys from the SaSaSaS crew just annouced something truly massive. On the 30th of April we will get a brand new documentary called “Up Another Level”, showcasing an insigth on the dance music culture in the UK and how it all started for all of them in this DnB industry.

Made up by 3 Mcs, Harry Shotta, Skibadee and Shabba D , plus the Djs Macky Gee & Phantasy and let us not forget the deceased Stormin Mc, the UK group formed back 2014 as a one time show for Westfest, and has been growing exponentially in the last two years, with the global expansion of Dnb and of their particular Jump Up style, that is very characteristic in the United Kingdom DnB raves.

The Uk group suprised their fans with this annoucement, shortly after the release of their brand new EP called “Nocturnal Insomniacs“. This seems to be a great steap towards the future of the DnB culture, as it allows for more people to understand a bit of the rave culture and how it affects everbody that raves.

If you want to attend the Movie premiere, just sign up in the here  and you maybe one of the lucky winners to attend the premiere in Leicester Square, in Londow with all of the crew.


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