Martin Garrix is ​​preparing to release a new song through his AREA21 project, which he shares with Maejor. The new hit was only played for friends, in private.

As they traveled to Las Vegas on Martin Garrix’s private jet, his closest friends got a chance to enjoy his new music, and they took the opportunity to record some video clips where it’s possible to hear it. His friends shared those same videos on instagram.

Although it is possible to listen to most of the music, the videos end up just when the drop starts, which leaves the rest of the music to the fans imagination. Fans are now looking forward to hear the full song.

Some rumors say the name of the song will be “Places” but there is still no confirmation from Martin Garrix. This song also has no opening date and will be another one that fans will have to wait for, since “Loopers” is also in the line to be released soon.

The edition of the Olympic Games this year featured the performance of Martin Garrix at the closing ceremony, which shows that the work of the Dj is increasingly recognized worldwide.

The Dj has been in Portugal in previous years, and was present in festivals like Meo SudoesteRfm Somnii and Nova Era Beach Party.

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