The bird-man is back at it again. One month after we saw him perform at Vila do Conde’s Romando Privé, Claptone released another track from his forthcoming album, “Fantast”.

As we previously reported, Claptone will release a brand-new album this Summer. From it, only “In The Night” and “Stay The Night”, both endowed with different sonorities, were released until this new one. In this new release, named “Under The Moon”, the characteristic Claptone sound is back. It was released the day before yesterday.

Under The Moon” is a new collaboration with vocalist Nathan Nicholson. Both have joined forces before in 2015’s “Heartbeat”, a track from Claptone’s first and (yet) only album, “Charmer”. And now, they do magic again, in a song whose deep house style fits the Berlin-based DJ and producer’s style, given the presence of a catchy piano lead and a strong bassline.

Check the upcoming album’s tracklist in our previous article about “Fantast”, by clicking in “as we previously reported” above.

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