The beloved German techno DJ & Producer has released “Part Eight” a track that will feature in his upcoming album, “Parts of Life“.

Paul Kalkbrenner is known to be one of the best talents to grace the earth, producing techno classics and playing in various stages around the world. Having an incredibly large catalogue of releases, including various classics such as; “Sky and Sand“, “Aaron” and so many more. Next month, 18th of May, will see Kralkbrenner release his highly-acclaimed album released, which will be a follow up to “7” his last album which was released in 2015.

Part Eight” demonstrated the talent and imagination that Paul Kalkbrenner will be bringing to his forthcoming album, with an incredible melodic percussion, synths and soothing vocals, the layers of the track are seemingly stacked together allowing the track to flow at an incredible passe and allowing one to get involved with the sound. Alongside the track, Paul released a video that shows himself performing the track live in a rooftop.

Last month saw the release of the “Parts of Life” album’s first track, “Part Three“, which allowed to set the tone for the album, as well as being highly approved by his devoted fans. Now all we can do is place “Part Eight” on repeat and anxiously await for May 18th.

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