After their amazing perform at Ultra Music Festival, in 24th March, Tchami and Malaa have released today their brand new Ep called “No Redemption”, out now on Tchami’s Confession label.

The EP, with the same name as their tour that hit the United States over the past few months, is composed by five tracks, with three of them already released before “Summer ’99”, “Kurupt”, “The Sermon”.

The two brand new tracks are “No Redemption Intro”, which is their intro as a duo and it’s played since the start of their tour in the USA, and “Deus”, which means “god” in Portuguese.

The intro is astounding, simply brilliant what two people can do with just a computer, it combines high and powerful chords together with angel’s voices. The track “Deus”, the name speaks for itself. For some people, parts of the song reminds the Malaa track “Diamonds”, and in fact that is a great compliment to the track indeed.

Malaa and Tchami, the genre gained much more fans with these two artists, and the EP is an evidence of that, as well as their perform at Ultra, which was livestreamed in Ultra Live with 50K people watching it on their computers and phones. The French duo had the house music world buzzing over the past year with the release of single after single off of this EP.

We hope to see more collabs between the two artists soon!

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