Who is Mark Mackenzie and what is he doing in Mau5trap you may be asking yourself. Well, I asked that very same question, until I remembered he is that DJ & Producer who occasionally plays at the local live music venue, Iron Works, opening for top class acts.

You are still not convinced of his worth to being in Mau5tap? What if I tell you Mark has been supported by the likes of Hannah Wants, Axwell, Rene Amez, Lane8 and label boss himself Deadmau5. You are starting to be convinced he is worthy of being up there with Attlas, No Manna, Rezz and many more. Mark Mackenzie has released under Fly Boy, Concrete Music and now Mau5trap. But have you heard Mark’s bangers “Swell“, “Sun Stroke” and “Millenial Groove“? You have to, you will be sold on this guy’s talent.

Lets take a step back and talk about his most recent release “Lost Our Way” a two tack EP featuring “Lost Our Way” track that gives the name to the EP, it’s a great start for what I can classify as an amazing musical journey. For the first minute and a half you are driven into obscurity, you feel uncertainty of what is coming up, that is until darker chords kick in, a melodic change is pushed onto you and finally the break allowing you to feel a release of energy, I found myself wobbling in my chair to this track while writing this article. Next is “Clear” my favorite of the two tracks, a happier track, that just places a smile on your face from the get go, that drum kick, those subtle voices, the melody, it just speaks to me. That second break around the 4 minute mark, got me up and dancing.

When asked how Mark landed himself on Mau5trap this is what he had to say:

So myself and Charlie (aka Monstergetdown) have talked online for years, sending music back and forth. He was snapped up by mau5trap and he was always telling me to send demos to them but I couldn’t because I was on exclusive deals with other labels – and it was going well with these labels too. Turns out Charlie was playing my stuff at parties etc and the label liked a lot of it. So the week my exclusive contract finished, I got an email from mau5trap asking when I was going to send some music haha! Couldn’t believe it.”

Regarding his creative process:

“I produced Clear almost two years ago. I had original sent it to Icarus for consideration and they sent it back to me every time like “tweak this and that and it will sound so much better”. Did this about twenty times haha and they were right, because it’s come a long way from the original version. Icarus taught me a lot about mixing tracks and getting the best out of the sounds. So eventually I finished it and that was around the time mau5trap asked for demos. I think it was perfectly timed as it’s exactly the kind of sound I wanted to put out on the label.”

“Lost our way was a much shorter process, but one that just came together so easily. I made that one to send to mau5trap, and it was something I wanted to have a lot of drive and power behind it for playing to bigger rooms.”

Now all there is left for you to do, it enjoy this Wonderfull EP which you can stream on Spotify below, after this you will be sold on Mark Mackenzie’s talent!

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