Gare, is having a party! One of the most respected clubs across Europe, having its own unique ambience, it dazzles guests, including the greats of the electronic music industry, who delirium with the underground space to the unusual sound system.

Gare Club, the “magic tunnel” as it is known, has three parties scheduled throughout the anniversary, ending up to cancel “Rui Vargas all night“, derived to the death of Manuel Reis, Owner of Lux Frágil one of the most emblematic night spots in the Portuguese capital . As Lux residents Rui Vargas, the Gare stopped the party to allow for mourning, replacing it was “Let’s Dance with Amulator & Yassine“, “Let’s Dance“.

Regardless there is still part one and two to be celebrated on Madeira Street:

Pt.2 with Ben Klock, Amulador, April 12, thus marking Ben Klock, a native of Berlin, who is so acclaimed in Portugal, and quite familiar with the iconic Porto club. In the cabin with the help of Amulador, resident and so well known to its audience.

Pt.3 – Mano Le Tough, Rui Trintaeum, another world-renowned producer, Mano Le Tough or an “eclectic Irishman” you could also call him that – whose turn will be twelve days after part 2, on the 24th – versatility is a challenge to himself, he has made himself present at the Berghain/Panorama Bar. Rui Trintaeum, who frequently works at Gare, will certainly warmup the decks.

That is the agenda for the three (two) part celebrations, the question is: Are you staying at home or coming out to dance?

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