Dj Getter shared in his twitter account the name of the next album. Fans guarantee it will be a bomb.

The Dj has released a few songs lately, not only as a DJ and producer, but also through his alter ego Terror Reid, known as a hip-hop rapper. Since Dj Getter owns the label Shred Collective, the releases of the songs are tailor-made, since they can be released whenever he feel like it. The album title will consist of only one word: Visceral! And the DJ promises the album will come out shortly.

The word “Visceral” suggests being related to intense, deep feelings rather than intellectual feelings, and this may be the motto for the style by which the album will be characterized. So, dj’s fans believe that Getter could be in its “raw” form in the creation of this album, something that has happened in the past.

There is no release date for the album yet but should be announced soon in Dj Getter’s social networks.

Before he start his career of DJ and producer, the Dj admitted he already have been part of several bands, but was not identified with the sort. Getter said:

“You could make electronic music by yourself, so that really attracted me towards it and made me want to do my own thing”

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