Paul Kalkbrenner, one of the legends of Techno’s most melodic strand, mostly known for the single “Sky and Sand“, which was released in 2009, made a big announcement recently. After 3 years, after the album “7“, released in 2015, and the 3 volumes of the compilation “Back To The Future“, released in 2016, the German producer will release a new album, entitled “Parts of Life“, on May 18 by Sony International.

For the composition of “Parts of Life“, Paul Kalkbrenner drew inspiration from the trilogy “Back To The Future“, which featured electronic music from the late 80s and early 90s, and presents part of the history of techno. The new album is composed of 15 tracks, with each song’s name being based on the file number assigned by Kalkbrenner throughout the album’s production. “Part Three“, which is one of the songs from “Parts of Life“, is the first single from the album and was released on March 16. The CD cover is a painting by one of the Germans’ uncles, more specifically Paul Eisel, which portrays a collection of unique personal objects.

The album is described as the most personal and revealing work of the German producer, who delivered himself in the purest way possible, throughout the development process of “Parts of Life“.

Here is the first single “Part Three” from the album “Parts of Life“.

Written by: Jorge Azevedo

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