Prior to Ultra’s provocative tweet on March 10, fans hadn’t thought much of the patches given out to the fans who had purchased tickets for the 20th anniversary of Ultra Music Festival. Little to no attention was give to the patches until Ultra tweeted the following question.

Right after this was tweeted the speculations began to rise as fans worldwide tried to decipher the code. The theory quickly became that three patches that would correspond to the three special acts that will take place this year.

The first speculation would be the one on the circular patch, where deadmau5 eye would be corresponding to the design of the patch.

The second one, and most likely the one that everyone has been waiting impatiently, Swedish House Mafia, the subject that has been a topic for many arguments. The idea that they would join forces once again on March 24th, exactly 5 years after their final show, seems more and more plausible. The three dots on the flag would be directly connected to the three members of the trio and looks similar enough to their logo. The two dots on the other side of the flag would indicate them closing out the second day.

The third speculation would be the return of Daft Punk. The Astronaut’s patch combines the colours of orange and gold, while holding three fingers up, indicating for day 3.

These are obviously just speculations from ticket holders but they do hold some irrefutable arguments. I guess we just have to wait and see what’s in store!

Ultra tease

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