Dj Ride is a Portuguese Dj and producer who became scratch world champion(IDA) for the second time in his career. And now, he has released a track in OTODAYO Records.

OTODAYO Records is a label created by Tha Trickaz, a French Dj and producer that produces mostly trap and hard trap. His label was created in 2013 and every single released track in the label is out as a free download, which means that you can listen the track everywhere and whenever you want to.

IDA (International Dj Association) derives directly from the International Turntablist Federation (with its headquarters in San Francisco) which was for many the international organization gathering Djs from all around the world. Today is considered to be the start of a new significant era in the turntablism history. Every year there’s a contest for the scratch world Champion and Dj ride have already won this tittle two times.

The new track by the Portuguese Dj is called “Game Over”, and it has received a lot of positive and good comments, not just in Portugal, but in many countries.  The genre of the music is trap, like most of Dj Ride’s tracks, and it reminds some of the Boombox Cartel tracks as well, like “Supernatural”.

We can’t wait to listen more new and epic tracks from our national pride!

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