Nova Batida, the festival that will its premier in the Portuguese capital this year. The festival will happen at LX Factory to close out the summer, on the weekend of September 14 and 16.

One month ago, the festival was revealed to the world, announcing names such as  Mount Kimbie, Maribou State, Max Cooper, George Fitzgerald and so many more. With a lineup different to what we are used to seeing in Portugal, allowing for Lisbon to become even more eclectic. However, the festival wasn’t done yet.

Now the lineup is closed, joining the already sophisticated lineup are acts such as, Little Dragon will be traveling from the cold weather of Sweadon to the sunny capital, Lisbon, with Yukini Nagano – Little Dragon’s lead singer – will come hits such as “Wildfire”, “Twice” and “Ritual Union“. Seun Kuti the son of legendary afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti will also be present at the first edition.

MNDSGN a Hip-Hop producer out of California, MNDSGN has produced with artists such as Danny Brown on “Sweeney Song. Finally Riot and Marfox both Portuguese DJs & Producers will also play at LX Factory, the first being an ex-menber of Buraka Som System and the other one of the best producers out of Lisbon to fuse electronic and African sounds.

Nova Batida promises to be something else, something diferente. You can now purchase your tickets here.

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