One more name was announced today for the EDP Beach Party festival. This time the confirmation is the already known Dj Sam Feldt.

The performance of the Dj was confirmed as being live, which indicates that he will be accompanied by elements of his band, which is composed of a guitarist, a saxophonist and a trumpeter.

Sam Feldt was confirmed to play on June 29, joining Valentino Khan, the only confirmed so far for that day.

In November 2017, Feldt reissued his album Sunrise, from 2016, adding 12 new songs and changing its name to Sunrise to Sunset. His last two albums were released through the label Spinnin ‘.

Despite its recent success, the Dj’s best-known song will always be Show Me Love, released in 2015, which has garnered three award prizes in three different countries.

This will be the second time for Sam Feldt in Portugal, the first being in 2016 at the RFM Somni festival in Figueira da Foz.

The Dj was considered by Billboard as “a modern house music superstar”.

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