Two of the most powerful DJ’s have announced a new collaboration and the fans of Dj Snake and Dillon Francis are looking forward to this release.

We know that in solo works they are always successful, so it is expected that this collaboration will be full of strength since previously the two Dj’s have already collaborated in the creation of the song “Get Low” that was released in 2014 and did a lot success among fans.

This time, to announce the collaboration, Dj Snake challenged on Twitter “Let’s make a new song together” and identify Dillon, and this one declared “Game time”, referring to the willingness to make the request for Dj Snake.

So, they left fans curious about whether they are already in the studio creating this new sound, or if is still in the beginning of the creation. Anyway, we can guarantee that the song will certainly be a success that will follow in the footsteps of “Get Low”.

However, it is not yet known for a release date since a new song writing may be something that will still take some time, but we know that as soon as they have news, the two will discover an original way to advertise.

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