George Fitzgerald releases what might be one of the best albums of the year. The London-born DJ & Producer released his highly awaited album “All That Must Be”.

Ten tracks, spread across 40 minutes is all it takes this incredible journey featuring Lil Silva, Hudson Scott, Tracey Thorn and the incredible Bonobo. Among it’s 10 tracks “Burns“, “Roll Back“, “Outgrown” and “Half-Light  – Night Version” stand out amongst the others.

In an interview with Mixmag, George said:

“This album plots a course through having to grow up quickly and being torn between a previous, hedonistic existence, and then suddenly having to fix up. A lot of the record is about learning to become a dad, getting a bit older and trying to take things at a slower pace.”

This album flows seemingly from the first track to the last, “Two Moons Under” opens up the album, creating an atmosphere that becomes so much more. By “Burns” a track that was released last year racking over 3 Million plays on spotify the atmosphere is completely different, but never loosing its essence. “Roll Back” and “Half-Light” are an emotional shift on the album, layers up on layers of quality melodies and synths toped with wonderful vocals. The album ends with what is a chill good bye, this track is a journey itself, a resume of what we lived through this album.

The album is out now on Domino and you can listen to it bellow, let us know what you think on social media. We would love yo hear your thoughts.

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