When it comes to House, two unmissable names that always come to talk are Tchami and Malaa. The two joined forces last year, on several occasions, and they absolutely tore the roof apart, on their No Redemption Tour.

Individually, they both have their own stunning tracks, with Malaa’s deep bass and Tchami’s jaw-dropping drops, we can say that they know how to create a masterpiece. Now, what happens when they both join in a collaboration? The outcome is simply beautiful.

Kurupt” is the name of their brand-new collaboration, and as many know, this isn’t the first time the 2 have gotten together for a track. Last year, “The Sermon” was released and it very rapidly became a fan-favorite. With its very particular melody and unbelievable drop, it’s easy to see why the track became so popular.

This makes things tougher for the duo considering that expectations are undoubtedly higher than ever, but there is no doubt that Tchami and Malaa can create a track that goes beyond

these same expectations.

Due to drop on March 16th, Tchami took on Twitter and uploaded an image regarding the new release. Shortly after, he made the fans eager to hear more, by posting a video of the

track being played live. Although the video is short, you can hear the unforgiving bassline and, oh man! What a track it looks to be!

This one will definitely feature in the playlists of many of you!

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