With the release of the highly awaited album from FitzGerald just around the corner, George FitzGerald and Bonobo have joined forces for a brand new collaborative track.

FitzGerald presented us his new live-setup and band-oriented approach for his shows this past November while opening up for Bonobo in London, Amsterdam and Brighton. The ability to handle both live-sets and the decks is very similar to Bonobo’s shows.

Outgrown is the recent collaboration of these two artists that clearly shows both Bonobo and FitzGerald’s music styles. It is such a breathtaking and magical track that will make you want to play it over and over again.

George FitzGerald’s new album All That Must Be has a bunch of collaborations and he calls the album “a big step for me as a musician and a human being.” Obviously, “Outgrown” shows us that the album is going to be a powerful project.

Both the album and the track are set to be released on March 9 via Double Six Recordings.

We don’t have any more words to describe this amazing track. Listen to it down below.






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