The mesmerizing duo Naux Faux, composed by the bass mastermind BassNectar & his longtime friend Sayr are back!

Having set the release, for their beautiful project, for this years Valentine’s day, they did not fail to deliver their promise when yesterday they released Enchanted, their dreamy, heartwarming LP.

The album is flawless, perfectly combining the two entities and creating something unique and beautiful.

As mentioned by Bassnectar, Naux Faux celebrates the “magical nostalgia of an era from the past” and according to him, the reason why the project took so long to come to life is because they “wanted it to be hyper detail-oriented”. He also added that he is incapable of produce such high caliber tracks when on tour, something that goes to show just how much work was put in the making of this masterpiece.

The meticulous production behind the tracks brings a while new depth to the listeners conciousness, taking them on a journey through time and space.

Enchanted was obviously designed to being emotions to life. They also gave us a little insight in how they came up with the name “Naux Faux” and it shoes us how much they influence each other. Here’s what they said:

“The name is basically a play on ’NOthing PHOny” and was gonna be NOFO or NOPHO but then i liked how the word ‘faux’ means fake…so its like a very special nod to an era of electronic music which is extremely authentic, and which both Craig and I have a lifelong love for… if you like ‘Mesmerizing The Ultra’ i suspect you may quite possibly like naux faux :)”

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