Marshmello is growing up at a insane level in the electronic dance music scene. His last track, “Friends“, released a week ago, has already 8M views on youtube and it’s trending on spotify as well.

Marshmello was not kidding when he said he was refocusing on the Dance Music sound which helped him gain notoriety in the beginnings of his career. Soon we’ll listen collabs with with Jauz, Crankdat, and Sumr Camp on their own respective tracks.

In August of 2016, Jauz and Marshmello release “Magic” together, a very well produced track. However, these will be Marshmello’s first official releases with Crankdat and Sumr Camp (which many believe to be Ookay, the other producer behind “Chasing Colors” with Noah Cyrus).

Just the news of one of these collabs would have been enough to put his fans crazy, given that Mello has lot of tracks/material, why not just put it all out there at once? With all this new music in the works, it’s hard to say if these collaborations will be part of an EP or not.

Finally, Marshmello says he’s ready to drop “FLY” soon – this isn’t a track name we’re familiar with, so could it potentially be the name of the EP? We’ll have to wait and see.

Let us know which collab you’re most excited to hear!

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