Drumcode Festival is a one-day event taking place at the former shipyard NDSM in Amsterdam North on August 18.

The festival’s line-up has now been announced and includes a lot of Drumcode stars like Amelie Lens, Dense & Pika, Joseph Capriati and so much more. Also, Adam beyer is playing alonside his wife Ida Engberg as usual.

Besides Drumcode artists, Pan-Pot, Marco Faraone, &ME, Julian Jeweil and more will be there too to make the first edition of the festival an memorable day.

Awakenings is working on the event. For Beyer, choosing Awakenings was a very easy choice due the relationship that they built over 20 years. The techno organisation has a partnership with Beyer, with him playing at over 75 shows for the Dutch company since the late 90s.

According to Adam Beyer: “We are happy to provide our fans with one of the best productions teams in the world at a location that symbolises the international character of our Drumcode family and friends.”

Grab your ticket at drumcodefestival.com. Watch the video down below to see the full line-up.

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