João Barbosa, better known as Branko in the Portuguese musical scene, will debut on February 19 at 00h45 in RTP2 his new documentary series of 8 episodes where he travels around the globe in search of the most revolutionary musical phenomena of the present time.

Branko began to be internationally recognized for being the creative force behind Buraka Som Sistema, helping to create a new attitude towards global sounds. Also owner of the label Enchufada, the Lisbon native is one of the biggest influencers and tastemaker of electronic music in Portugal.

In  2015 his debut album – Atlas – was also inspired by his travels to Cape Town, New York, Amsterdam and São Paulo, connection seemingly separate styles and embracing the musical variety of each location. Now, the Portuguese part with the aim of showing the audience all the musical and cultural diversity that exists in several cities around the world such as Lima (Peru), Bombay (India), Accra (Ghana), Montreal (Canada), Sao Paulo) and Cidade da Praia (Cape Verde), departing from Lisbon. All this in the company of friends.

“Nothing is more urgent for me than to put in front of an audience all the cultural diversity that I find myself in the music and fortunately that today it is not lacking. The digital boom has changed the rules of the game but it is still more important than ever to amplify musical phenomena and its geographical coordinates so that we can better understand each other.”

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