After announcing phase one of the brand new techno and minimal festival, Orbits Festival releases phase two of the lineup.

The new festival that promises perfect symbiosis between humans and nature, scheduled for June 22 and 24 in São Gião, Oliveira do Hospital, branded with the Orbits Brand, announces eleven new names.

The expected lineup is becoming increasingly established as it’s own brand, and with it, more and more accentuated becomes the festival’s concept with its surroundings. Directly from the magic tunnel, from the Gare Club, we get Amulador and Yassine, two artists in their name bare huge weight, only in such a prestigious space. Talented, experienced, impulsive, lacking adjectives to characterize them, they are the ones who assume many times the control of the house, telling several stories, at the time of Rua da Madeira (Gare’s street address).

Kinetic, is the name of another great artist with connections to Gare. Also highly awaited is the b2b between Marco Shuttle and Efdemin. Well used to this type of wanderings, the Swedish Sebastian Mullaert appears. From a tribal style comes Sam Shackleton and minimal ID the Icelandic artist, Yagya. Diversity will not be lacking and to close the second batch artists Chris Chris SSG, Hiver and Jacopo.

Let yourself embark on this huge adventure, tickets to the festival, at the official event.

Orbits Festival 2018 phase 2

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