Darude releases “Surrender” which marks the return of Garuda Records.

Darude, the famous Finnish DJ/Producer, responsible for creating one of the most iconic songs of electronic music, “Sandstorm”, as well as other great tracks like “Feel The Beat” and “Out Of Control“, began the year 2018 in the best way possible.

The Finnish collaborated with the female vocalist Foux and the great english producer Ashley Wallbridge, recognized for having been ghost producer until 2016, for being a producer very close to Gareth Emery, for having a unique and quite melodic sound, and from there was born the incredible music called “Surrender“.

The collaboration began when they met after a performance in San Diego (United States of America), and since then, the producers have exchanged some demos among themselves, and in September 2017 the song was finished.

The track was immediately supported by english DJ/Producer Gareth Emery, who since November 2017 has played the song in almost all of his sets, most notably the great show Laserface and EDC Orlando. Since then, many fans were looking forward for the official release of “Surrender“, something that came to happen, finally, on February 2, 2018, in the renewed label Garuda.

Both Darude and Ashley Wallbridge did a great job on this song, which is a euphoric and magnificent trance ballad, in which its beginning is marked by the classic sound of Ashley Wallbridge, through high chords, and then has the great synths of trance and eurodance of Darude, which is clearly noted in the “Surrender” breaks. The beautiful voice of Foux improves even more this track, which only by its instrumental was already perfect.

Darude is already in the tour with this single, which has dates until April, where he will visit the United States of America, Canada, Ireland, Norway and clearly, Finland. Let’s hope that this song marks the beginning of something new and great for Darude!

Written By: Jorge Azevedo 

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