It’s been almost five years since Ableton Live got a major update but in February 6 is gonna be release the new Ableton Live 10 with some new improvements on this very famous music production program.

Live 10 is now with a different look, not immediately evident but the new DAW has a new font style and the look is more cleaner than the previous version 9. You still can change your theme in the Live 10 with the 4 different styles (such Dark and Light).

We have new devices in Live 10 update such: Wavetable, Echo, Drum Buss, Pedal.

Live has now more features to improve your flow into music production like edit multiples MIDI clips with a single view and with the “Capture” you can arm a track to record and when your idea pops up you can just press Capture button and Live will match your idea into the project.

More features and more details can be found in Ableton Live website.

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