All conditions are met for 2018 to be one of the best years of Eric Prydz’s career.
The Swedish genius has sweetened the taste of fans with several releases, including “Stay With Me” and his new EP under the Tonja Holma alias, but this week he triggered the level of curiosity of his loyal followers on social networks by posting a teaser where it can be seen a test of one of his holograms, saying that it would be announced something Wednesday.

Amid so much enthusiasm one thing was certain: whatever was announced Wednesday would be something important that Eric would be preparing for quite a long time. Something to follow up on his EPIC show and take his performances to an even higher level where no other artist is.

It was in this way that the Swedish artist presented HOLO, following “several years of development work behind the scenes, using holographic technology to create and design a tourable holographic Eric Prydz live experience”.

It is this way the artist intends to bring to his fans his vision, including, in perspective, many more holographic elements than in his previous shows and providing a unique experience. This show makes EPIC 6.0 return only in 2019, but with the promise of being “the most ambitious and innovative design to date”.

For now HOLO has 3 dates in Glasgow, Belfast and Daresbury (Creamfields).
On the official website you can buy the tickets for the first two dates starting Friday or for Creamfields (already available).

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