Da Tweekaz begin the year of 2018 with great news!

The Norwegian duo made a livestream on their official Facebook page, where they answered several questions from fans and eventually revealed some news and new projects.

Once they celebrate 10 years of existence, Da Tweekaz are preparing new ways to surprise their fans. For this very reason, they are preparing several parties in various countries, such as Germany, Australia or Belgium. To start the news, they announced that they are creating, along with Darren Styles, a new producer with the name Electric Fox.

Then they will also release a new album, which will come with two CD’s. Da Tweekaz intend to remix old songs and include them in this new album. Therefore, one of the CD’s will contain more recent songs and new tracks, while the second CD will be full of classics with a different touch.

The duo said that “This will be the year of Da Tweekaz“.

Although there is still no confirmation of the release date of the label, we know that it will be soon, and one of the first sounds to come out on behalf of Electric Fox will be the long-awaited “Party Starter” theme.

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