Lately we’ve heard of buying fake followers on social networks, the so-called “bots”.
Unfortunately, the effects of this phenomenon are not the best and that is why security agencies seek a solution, as such this can have consequences for those who use them.

In an article by New York Times, one of the companies accused of practicing this fraud is Devumi, a company that has “customers” like DJs 3LAU and DJ Snake.

After confronted with this statement, 3lau assumes that the purchase of followers was made by a former member of his team, without his knowledge. DJ Snake says it was his former manager who took care of his social networks, which indicates that he too was not aware of this happening.

This shows that anyone can buy followers on behalf of another, which proves this is something quite dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.
With the purchase of followers, the “buyers” benefit from privileges that someone with a smaller number of followers may not have access to, which makes this a matter of injustice, in this case in the world of music.

Hopefully a solution will soon be found so that this does not happen and does not harm renowned artists like the previous two.

The full article can be read here.

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