San Holo is preparing to release his first ever studio album.

More and more we see dj’s committed to releasing albums, because the EPs they create seem to no longer be enough for the demands of their audience. Another tool that fueled fans “request” for albums was Spotify and its ability to create playlists for each artist.

For all these reasons, it was the time for San Holo to announce through a publication in the social network Twitter that is working on his first album. However, his fans will have to wait because in that same publication San Holo informs that he is not in a hurry.

After hits like “Light,” “One Thing” or “I Still See Your Face“, San Holo says it’s time to create new sounds. So, we can expect the new album to be composed of songs with a style different from the ones we’ve seen previously.

Anyway, we are sure that the year 2018 will bring new songs by San Holo, until he releases his new album.

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