The name Bruno Martini is probably in your mind somewhere. Responsible for hits like “Hear Me Now” and “Never Let Me Go”, both with fellow Brazilians Alok and Zeeba, he announced this Friday his new single, “With Me”, a track that follows the artist’s production line.

However, this new work, that has the AfterCluv Dancelab’s quality stamp, was not released at this time by chance. The World Cancer Day (Feb. 4th) is coming, and Bruno and Zeeba, with the present song and videoclip, the last one soon to come out, intend to celebrate friendship and to raise awareness given the disease.

In an interview to the Brazilian magazine Phouse, Bruno Martini revealed some of his projects for 2018. Besides this recent “With Me”, the Brazilian DJ and producer is working in an album alongside the legendary Timbaland, and will release collaborations with the likes of Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and the also legendary rapper Afrika Bambaataa.

Also, this Friday, and concerning “With Me” featuring Zeeba, Martini posted on social media the first episode of a series named “Por Trás da Música” (Portuguese for “Behind the Music”), upon which he discusses part of his creative process and other aspects related with the conception of his music, being the first episode about the new release in question.

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