Although usually is to see the duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike together, they also act alone. An example of this is the new single of Like Mike, with the name of ‘ Memories ‘. The song was released on January 25.

The track allows fans to enjoy the talents of DJ, as songwriter and producer. In General, ‘Memories ‘ is a very sentimental melody, with an impressive harmony and groove of music is very addictive. In this single melancholy, Like Mike embodies the best qualities that House music has to offer.

The Belgian artist shows the deeper side of your art, with a heartfelt letter and voices that can be interpreted as poetry.

This new work does the separation of the double meaning. In fact, the DJ’s are already confirmed in Tomorrowland 2018 and at various festivals. In 2017, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike stayed in second place in the prestigious ranking of DJMag.

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  1. Lucas Pires

    “stayed in second place in the prestigious ranking of DJMag.”
    “prestigious”, good joke!!


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