It has been a while since the russian producer, Arty, released a track through Armada Music, but his return is a must for every fan of Progressive House with his new track called “Sunrise”.

Almost five years after collaborating with Armin Van Buuren on “Nehalennia”, Arty kicks off 2018 with “Sunrise” featuring the beautiful April Bender, the first new single of many more to come this year.

Uplifting like the first rays of the morning sun, his new track is all any dance music enthusiastic could ask for. Wonderful chords and amazing Melody alongside contemplative lyrics and April Bender’s gorgeous vocals, this cut shows that Arty was able to step up his game even further and will keep cubblers going til the break of Dawn. “Sunrise” is the track that Arty and Progressive House fans have been waiting for.

Accordingly to Arty:

It’s important for me to continue making the music I enjoy the most and ‘Sunrise’ definitely falls into that category. It’s both a milestone and an incredibly important track in my career as I get back to my Progressive House roots and I’m extremely excited to officially share it with my fans after successfully sneaking it into my live sets for the past few months.

Written by: Pedro Neves

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