The actuality of the ‘underground’ scene is on the rise in Portugal. And before the approaching festive season, the carnival, we choose names of great quality that will be in Portugal and that surely you will not want to lose.

We emphasize the double passage of Matador, which in Lisbon, Lux Fragile will be accompanied by the Freshkitos and that on the following day in Barcelos, Club 118 in another party with the stamp of Neopop. Whoever returns to Lux on Friday is the pair that is very much linked to Afterlife, Mind Against.

– January 25 – Matador – Rukus (live) x Freshkitos – Lux Fragile (Lisbon)
– January 26 – Mind Against x Yen Sung – Lux Fragile (Lisbon)
– January 26 – Matador – Freshkitos and Serginho – Club 118 (Barcelos)

At the beginning of February the highlight goes to Invicta (Porto), and on the first Friday receives Dj Vibe, who will take a trip to remember mythical Thursdays at the old Rocks Club. This weekend, also in honor of Detroit techno, weren’t we to host Kevin Saunderson in Plan B and Carl Craig at Industria Club on Saturday with the talented Diana Oliveira to welcome him. Already in the second week and before the carnival festivities the Gare will bring Extrawelt (live) by the hand of Fusion Gatherings.

– February 2- Magic Sessions by Dj Vibe – Gare (Porto)
– February 2 – Kevin Saunderson (US) – Plano B (Porto)
– February 3 – Carl Craig (US) x Diana Oliveira – Indústria Club (Porto)
– February 9 – Fusion & Futur∞ present – Extrawelt LIVE – Gare (Porto)

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