British trance trio have released long awaited album, “Common Ground“. The album was first announced during Above & Beyond Group Therapy 250 at the Gorge Amphitheater.

At the start of August Above & Beyond released “Tightrope” featuring the vocals of Marty Longstaff. The following month, September, it was time to release “My Own Hymn” a long-time Zoë Johnston a long time collaborator with the British trio. In November it was time to release “Northern Soul” featuring the vocals from Richard Bedford who returns to colaborate with Above & Beyond since “Black Room Boy” in 2013. Finally, already in the new year “Always”  is released a ballad featuring Zoë Johnston once again.

Today, January 26, “Common Ground” is finally released on Anjunabeats, which also features “Naked” , “Cold Feet”  and “Alright Now” featuring the vocals of Justine Suisse, “Sahara Love” which also features Zoë Johnston vocals. Richard Bedford also collaborated on “Happiness Amplified” and “Bittersweet & Blue”, finally “Is it Love (1001)”, “Common Ground” and “The Inconsistency Principle” are also part of this hour long album.

Is Common Ground better than Above & Beyond’s previous albums? Let us know what you think on our social networks. Warning: This album is super addictive.

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