Lane 8, “Little by Little” It makes you feel comfortably naked with your soul.

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get better with tracks like “No Captain”, “ATTLAS”, “Stir Me Up” (fuc*ing tune) and “Coming Back To You”, Lane 8 album comes out, and you can do nothing else than to listen to it, like it was the last thing you would wish to do in this planet.

Since 2012, Lane 8 has been putting out quality melodic tunes. Pete Tong once said that Lane 8 would be a “Future Star”, well… He wasn’t joking around! Lane 8 was giving us every year suprising consistent quality melodic tunes. There’s warmness and kindness in every track he pulls out, you feel like every song is totally honest with you, and you immediately feel connected to it. This man has been going through a terrific ride, releasing tracks on Anjunabeats, Suara, Mau5trap and on his own label “This Never Happened”, with an innovative concept of shows, described by his words:

We don’t allow photos or recording of any kind at our shows, which creates a really unique, engaging atmosphere where people genuinely connect with the music and each other on a very high level.” – Lane 8, interview for Music Week.

As I’m not expert on the technical production view, I’ll tell you the overall feeling about the album, and what stood out for me…

Little by Little” is the tittle of the album, and it really fits to the essence of the album. Little by little, with every track, you feel like a story is being told, that it is growing up, that it is giving you a message, and you can enjoy every single beat ot it. The chords and arpeggios, throught the album, are just spot on! It makes everything so “light”, so easy to listen, it’s just mindblowing. Also, every vocal in this thing is perfect!

I’m sorry for the lack of variety and technical words to describe everything… I don’t often struggle to find words to describe an album, but right now I just can’t find them, as I am still listening to it, like it was the first time … Every track feels like a cinematic piece, and a short story of a big movie. It defies you to be honest with your feelings… You know, when you arrive at a restaurant, starving to eat, then the food arrives, and it is a very small piece of your plate, and you just stare at it, feeling like you won’t get much out of it, just by looking?  Then, in the end, without knowing how, your mind is blown away, because you feel full, just about the right portion!

Little by Little works that way, it’s that “gourmet” experience, even though it has only 49 min, it feels about right! It’s a breathless wave of emotions.

The best way to sum it up is: It makes you feel comfortably naked with your soul.

Don’t waste your time thinking about my words, go listen this masterpiece, to discover yourself.

Thank you Lane 8, thank you!

Favorite Tracks
  • Stir Me Up
  • No Captain
  • Hold On
Least Favorite Tracks
  • N/A
9.2Overall Score

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