You probably have heard of the song “Lose My Mind,” produced by DJ Wildstylez in collaboration with DJ Brennan Heart. This is one of the best known hardstyle songs and has just hit another record.
Wildstylez shared a post on his social media, where it warns that the song has reached 20 million views on YouTube and that the number of times it has been played on Spotify is also quite high.

For that very reason, Wildstylez is now planning to team up with Brennan Heart again to create a new song that follows the previous one. Wildstylez said, “I guess it’s time for a follow up,” referring to the creation of the new song.
Despite the huge number of previews you already see, these are not the final numbers, as the reproductions erre only counted um Wildstylez account. After analyzing Brennan Heart’s profile and the respective reproductions, it is possible that these numbers duplicate.

We are looking forward to this collaboration and we hope it will be a success too.

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