It was just last week that the legend Fatboy Slim began his australian tour and now that he released his brand new EP he is literally taking on Australia.
The EP goes by the name of Fatboy Slim vs Australia and counts with the australians Carmada, The Aston Shuffle and The Kite String Tangle.

Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim introduced the EP with a cheeky video featuring Cricket veteran Shane Warne. “The Informercial” as it’s called presents the EP track by track and even though it’s just a teaser, it sure will take you on a journey. Danny Harley of The Kite String Tangle gave an electronic twist to the classic “Praise You” and said this about the EP and about his experience:

“Fatboy Slim is an untouchable artist and “Praise You” is one of his seminal works. I really can’t imagine the current music landscape without this artist or this song and so to get to put my own touch on it was a humbling experience.”

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