The wait is over!

Kayzo has been unstoppable during this month of january. The North-american mastermind has been releasing tracks from his debut album and it was all leading to today.

Today marks the release of “Overload” Kayzo’s very first album, and it features collaborations with Krimer, Micah Martin, The Zealots and WAREZ. The album is filled with unbelievable bangers with a large variety of sounds and styles. However there is one common trait to every single track, they will most certainly get your body moving and fill you with energy.

Kayzo has proved to be very passionate about what he does and showed that he also has a great heart by launching a GoFundMe for a fan’s sister who had unfortunately passed away. Kayzo donated 3000 dollars of his own to help him out as well. Link do GoFundMe.

The album was received with great excitement by his loyal fanbase and one thing is for sure, Kayzo shows no signs of stopping anytime soon! Welcome to the Doghouse!

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