The new small venue / club cube is almost ready!

Modern dance music has been the place of the most iconic stage setups in our recente memory. Skrillex’s mothership rig, Justice’s iconic cross and of course Daft Punk’s epic and timeles pyramid which were the first dj’s to invest and create a stage rig which revolutionized the showbiz and how ravers experience music live.

However, the conversation wouldn’t be complete without mencioning the canadian producer and dj, Deadmau5 which created an iconic stage rig which he called “Cube” and its latest upgrades “Cube 2.0” and “Cube 2.2”.

Deadmau5 announced a new upgrade for the “Cube” raising the ante yet again, he called it “Other Cube”. However there isn’t any lead that there is anything built or ready to it the stage, th only thing we can do is to wait for any progress or hints on Deadmau5’s social media pages.

Written By: Pedro Neves

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