“Indie-rockers” straight from New York, MGMT announced their 4º studio album “Little Dark Age” which will be released in the 9th of february through Columbia Records.

The release date announcement follows three new singles, a psychedelic pop track called “Hand It Over” showcased earlier this month and a new brand of pop through “Little Dark Age” and “When You Die”.

Little Dark Age’s release will see the group go on board on na extensive UK, Europe and North American headlining tour which includes a highly anticipated return to Glastonbury Festival.

All we can recommend you is to start saving up some money and grab your tickets because we can assure those tickets will get sold very fast. Hype is real.

Tracklist about “Little Dark Age”:

1 – She Works Out Too Much
2 – Little Dark Age
3 – When You Die
4 – Me and Michael
6 – James
7 – Days That Got Away
8 – One Thing Left to Try
9 – When You’re Small
10 – Hand It Over

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