Another week comes to a close, and as tradition demands it we have updated our Spotify playlist with this week’s releases.

This week was especially marked by the release of Datsik and DC Breaks EPs, the collaboration between Marshmello and Lil Peep, the 100th Protocol release by Nicky Romero, and tracks by Holly, Lane 8, Alpha 9 and Code Black.

In addition you will find many more fresh songs in our playlist.
Among them are tracks such as “Epoque” by Joris Delacroix, “If You Really Want” by Cazztek (feat. Kiyoshi), “Blow Up” by Curbi, and “Warrior” by Dirtcaps (feat. Kalibwoy).

This week also saw the release of the new collaboration between Darren Styles and Stonebank (feat. Emel) called “Sky Is Falling”, the new Kompany EP, Oliver Smith‘s “Inside”, Dan Thompson‘s “Imprint”, among many more songs.

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