With another CES edition (the world’s largest technology show) at the Las Vegas Convention Center from 9-12 January, new music-related products and technologies are unveiled.

This year the focus was on headphones. From the inclusion of digital assistants in them by Jabra, with Google Assistant, and JBL, with Amazon Alexa, to the presentation of headphones with intelligent noise cancellation, there was a lot of technology presented.

But one point everyone agrees on is that wireless is the future.
This technology that was initially looked sideways by issues related to the short battery life of headphones or the loss of sound quality by the absence of wires is increasingly gaining more space in the market. The evolution of technology has managed to overcome these negative aspects and at this moment it is possible to state that wireless headphones are at the level of the rest, within the range of products considered normal.

With this, the Japanese Audio-Technica presented at CES 2018 five new models of wireless headphones.

The DSR5BT model was highlighted.
With Pure Digital Drive tech similar to the DSR9BT and DSR7BT over-ear, this model does not use the usual digital-to-analog conversion that converts binary data from the phone or laptop into a signal the headphone driver understands, this leads to a reduction of the distortion and reproduces music in a much purer way. In addition, the DSR5BT uses a push-pull driver system inside it with two asymmetrical sizes (one with 9.8 mm and the other with 8.8 mm) that move in opposite directions to each other. According to Audio-Technica this allows a cleaner reproduction of the sound.

However, in order to accommodate the acoustic design, battery and wireless hardware that the Japanese company wanted, these headphones have adopted a plastic collar around the neck instead of a simple wire, which is understandable.
This model will be available this spring for a price of €399 / £349.

Turning our focus to sports models, Audio-Technica introduced the SPORT70BT and SPORT50BT.
These have an adapted setup, integrating most of the technology inside the earbud and connecting the two sides with a wire around the neck. Both models have a 6-hour battery life and the SPORT70BT has an option that lets you hear the world around you, useful for when you’re training in urban environments and want to feel safe.

The company claims that these headphones are sweat-proof and weather-proof, ensuring that they “can handle the toughest workouts”. With an IPX5 degree of protection, both models can be washed under a tap after workout, and both have ear hooks for a more secure fit.
The SPORT50BT model, available in various colors, will cost €79 / £69, and SPORT70BT will be available for €129 / £119.

To face its competitors, the Japanese company also introduced the ANC700BT.
These have a battery life of 25 hours when they are in wireless and noise cancellation mode, extending to 30 hours with the noise cancellation turned off. They are collapsible and have touch and swipe controls to adjust the volume and toggle playback.
You can buy them for €219 / £199 in the spring.

Finally, the introduction of a model aimed at people who buy headphones at more affordable prices, not disregarding the quality of Audio-Technica.
The S200BT makes you think twice when you’re wondering if it’s worth buying low-priced wireless headphones.
With a 40mm (over-ear) driver, the S200BT have a simple and elegant design coupled with an impressive 40-hour battery life!!
They have a great price-quality ratio, you can buy them for €69 / £59.

Whether you’re just a fan of quality music, a producer or a DJ, Audio-Technica presents you with several options to choose from with these five new wireless models.

If you want to have even more options, you can always visit their website!

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