To continue the good work it has done over the past year, the label Monstercat has decided to start a collaboration with two legends from the UK, Stonebank and Darren Styles.

Although they have already released some sounds as Zero Hero, “Sky is Falling” was the first song they collaborated using their names individually and that is why there are suspicions that the Zero Hero project will end soon. However, neither of the two djs has confirmed the end of the pair.

Regardless, the song “Sky is Falling” has already been released on the label, and takes us back to the world of UK hardcore. Although this style has only been used by the duo in 2016, it is good for the listeners that they come back to explore it again this year as it is their specialty.

In addition to very strong sounds, the song also features vocals by EMEL (wife and collaborator of Stonebank) and it was the first time EMEL and Darren collaborated on a song. This is the first release of the year on Monstercat, but more important than that, is also the first song to be released on the new youtube channel of the label: Monstercat: Uncaged.

This will be the main channel of the label, which will feature more electronic music, while Monstercat: Instinct“will present music with more vocals.

The song “Sky is Falling” can be heard and downloaded at the link below:

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