Along with the young Canadian producer, Ekali, who distinguished himself in the last year with productions of “Babylon” and “Past life”, ZHU released the song “Blame”. The year 2017, was for DJ, a year of ups and downs, with the release of the single “Intoxicate” and the EP “Stardustexhalemarrakechdreams”. Success, as well as the oblivion of the media, did not achieve the objective.

The American contributes in the presence of vocals and the production level, your hand is not very noticeable, due to a slower pace, not characteristic of personality Bass of the artist. Even without this issue, the result of music is outstanding and can give the impulse that lacked the career of Ekali and begin to revive the career of ZHU.

ZHU or Steven appeared in 2014 and charmed the world of dance music by the melodies on the Bass and Deep House. The mystery raised to know who gave also the desired marketing for the artist. Already, the young Ekali is supported by Skrillex and the team of OWSLA, American record label of the trap and dubstep DJ.

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