Sam Paganini is currently one of the biggest names in techno, his productions have had unquestionable influence, the performances of the Italian artist always attract great legions of uncompromising fans.

Sam Paganini is currently traveling the world with his long-awaited album ‘Zenith‘, Jam‘s third album, which comes out after the huge success of ‘Desire‘ and which cemented the value of Drumcode‘s Sub-label, which came out in 2014.

With a darker and more graceful tone, particularly in ‘Komet‘, working on it in a line of sounds that are very characteristic and now, in this album using a more experimental line, Zenith can be innovative and recognizable simultaneously, being released on September 4, 2017.

Of note is the role of the talented ZØE, among the others that accompany Paganini in this world tour the artist with a large number of attendances, being also linked to the Drumcode.

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