On his Twitter account, deadmau5 stated that “probably the most epic thing” he has ever done with his music is coming.

The 37-year-old electronic music icon posted a picture of his desk set. Showing some work in progress, and a few days after his “Rick and Morty” entrance in 2018, he is back on the spotlight with such announcement.

Not only that, but when a fan asked him about further details, he revealed that this new “project” involves a 60-piece orchestra. Many thought that he was referring to the Orchestral Mix of “Strobe”, previously mentioned on Twitch in a slight way, but the “mau5” denied the rumour.

In this year, Joel Zimmerman already promised to produce BoMason an album, or to help doing so, and now we have this. What can we expect from deadmau5 soon?

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