The end of a year is almost always happy (not just for the enthusiasm of the New Year’s Eve party) and also nostalgic. Social networks become moral memories of the best memories and there is space especially for the new desires and achievements to be completed the following year.

In addition to being attentive to our friends and family, among many we are excited about the publication that the American DJ and producer wrote on his official Facebook page. Jauz makes a very positive balance of the year 2017, however it appears sad by the massification of electronic music, which ironically made us happy. It is in the sense of counteracting this tendency that the artist promised old Jauz back. “Back to the basics of what the Jauz Project is all about to me in every way. I’m gonna make 2018 the best year for myself as a person and an artist and I hope you guys come along for the ride. “

If that were not enough for your fans, we’ll have a new album soon. Although the DJ has not spoken about it until now, the artist’s third album is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2018.


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